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Saturday, October 06, 2012 | Bill Chiaravalle

A Very Silly Brand

SiliPint, located in Bend, Oregon, is the world's first maker of silicone pint glasses. The pint glasses are basically indestructible. You can drop them on the ground, or drive over them with a tank and they will not break. 

When they came to us, there were experiencing rapid growth and needing to take their brand to the next level as several competitors began to emerge. They were even written up in The New York Times as one of several companies responsible for revitalizing the economy in Central Oregon due to their association with the craft beer industry. While silicone drinkware had clear functional advantages, they believed they needed to define who they were as a brand in order to stay connected with their growing number of followers and remain ahead of the pack as competitive silicone products threatened their marketshare. 

Through our "BrandStorming Process" of discovery, we learned that their culture was one that believed not only in the functional and environmental advantages of silicone, they were a silly bunch of people who did not take themselves too seriously. This led us to recommending a brand position of "owning silly", expressed through the tagline of "life is better silly". Reinforcing the brand position included a serious of "sillyisms", inspired by well known philosophical quotes, such as, "be the silly you want to see in the world", and "that which does not kill you makes you silly". 

Another challenge was how to refer to themselves as a company separate from their product names. Originally calling themselves "SiliPint", it was confusing as they added additional products such as "SiliShot". We recommended the new parent brand name "SiliHuman", enabling them to differentiate the company from their products, along with reinforcing the brand position of "silly".



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